Coaching Sessions

Do you finally want a positive change in your life? Should wishes and longings no longer linger in your imaginary worlds, but become reality in your life? Then embark on a deep & powerful path INSIDE. I can accompany you here and support you; ask the right questions and walk the path together with you.

You can choose from following option:

Ticket of ten EUR 1299
One Day (max. 12 hours with me) EUR 1499
Status quo (anamnesis session) EUR 299

Pick a date by the end of the year (E-Mail:, deposit 50% in August and then LET US WAIT NO LONGER because the change starts in your head.

Verbleibende Zeit bis zur Anmeldung

MEDITATIONS- und YOGACHALLENGE ab 01. Oktober 2022 mit neuen Uhrzeiten!

21 Tage – Sei es dir wert!